Pharmaceris was the only Polish brand to be present at the prestigious dermocosmetics exhibition Dubai Derma 2015. Dubai Derma is a unique event in the MENA region, combining a dermatology conference attended by dermatologists and scientists from all over the world and an exhibition showcasing products of the world’s biggest dermocosmetics producers.


It was the 15th edition of the Middle East and North Africa event, the only one in the world during which qualified doctors and experts can see, hear about and share their latest achievements in aesthetic medicine, skin protection and skin improvement. It is a prestigious event recognized by dermatologists, during which Pharmaceris, a Polish dermocosmetics brand, was the only representative of Poland that showcased its scientific achievements in specialist care of problem skin accomplished by Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratory.

Dr Irena Eris scientists were invited to the elite group of Speakers, and had the opportunity to present numerous achievements and results of research completed by Pharmaceris to doctors, dermatologists, as well as experts in aesthetic medicine. During the main session of the conference, Dr Monika Pasikowska, Pharmaceris Expert, delivered an innovative lecture about the effect of vitamin K on the skin with dilated capillaries, hematomas and prone to flushing, as well as its high effectiveness when used to prepare the skin for medical aesthetic procedures and to speed up hematoma absorption following the procedures.


This year, Dubai Derma welcomed over 8,000 participants and over 700 brands from all over the world. The stand offering specialist products of Dr Irena Eris group of brands was popular not only among the exhibition visitors, but also among doctors and specialists looking for new, innovative skin care products and solutions for problem skin.


The Pharmaceris brand is well known and recognized in West Asia, as its product range is available in one of the largest pharmacy network in Dubai..

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