DS Spectral DNC-N

780 ج م


Efficiently prevents hair loss
Regenerates and stimulates hair growth
Thickens and strengthens the hair follicle

Indication :

topical hair loss treatment suitable for diffuse and advanced androgenetic alopecia.
* Its advanced formula with 5% Nanoxidil® tackles all known causes of hair loss. It stimulates hair growth by increasing follicle microcirculation.
* It induces and extends the anagenous phase. It is a high quality powerful alternative to minoxidil.
* It also contain copper peptides that improve vascularization conditions and reduce inflammation of the scalp and hair follicle, and retinol, associated with Nanoxidil®, which helps prevent androgenetic alopecia.
* Its formula with piroctone olamine helps effectively control the exaggerated production of cells on the scalp while performing an antibacterial and antifungal action on germs that cause diverse scalp pathologies.

How to use ?

Apply six sprays of SPECTRAL.DNC-N® on dry hair and rub the scalp evenly.
Do not rinse.
Apply twice a day.
It is recommended to use it for a period of 3 months for best results.

Brand: DS Category: الشعر - Hair Loss
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