Pharmaceris E Wash Gel

L.E. 249

Size: 400ml


Indication :

Delicate, non-foaming formula, recommended for daily care of sensitive, dry, rough skin, prone to irritation, itching and burning.

Also to be used prophylactically for healthy skin to prevent dryness and to minimize the risk of developing, intensifying and recurring symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

No age restrictions. It does not require the use of an additional cleaning agent

How to use :

Newborns and BABIES up to 6 months old:
add a few doses (2-3) of the gel to the baby tub filled with water, then mix the water with your hand.
The water temperature should be around 37°C.
Gently wash the child’s body and head.
Gently dry the skin with a towel, avoiding rubbing.

Apply a small amount of gel to the skin and gently spread on its surface.
Then rinse with water and dry the body with a towel, avoiding rubbing


Safety :

The product recommended by the Polish Pediatric Society from the first day of life.
Recipe developed and tested dermatologically and clinically under the supervision of children’s dermatologists


Brand: Pharmaceris Category: Body - Body Moisturizing
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